A longtime member of Boise's music scene, Dave has been gigging and recording since the early 90's. He started his own private instruction studio in 1996, and is very proud to be associated with Old Boise Music Studios today!

Past/Current Projects

New Transit - Just released debut album!

Bill Coffey - Great songwriter and performer! New album coming soon...

Thomas Paul's House on Fire - One of my favorite recordings I've been a part of! I got the opportunity to play pedal steel, lap steel, baritone guitar, tres cubano, if not more on this! A great mix of styles on here.

A Note from Dave

I've been a professional musician and guitar instructor my entire adult life. I play and appreciate many different kinds of music, and I love discovering new sounds and ideas to use in my own playing, as well as sharing what I know with others. Music performance and education is truly an endless pursuit, with something new to learn around the corner every day!

A Note on Lessons

Each lesson plan is individually tailored to the student. Only with the student's input can we find some common ground to start our musical journey on. The basics of music apply to any style, and I have found the best results are obtained when the student can relate to the music they are learning.

Lesson Details

1. I teach half hour lessons Monday through Friday in the afternoons and evenings. Show up a little early to get tuned up and ready for your time!

2. Lesson cost is $25 each, with attendance expected weekly. Payment is due (by check payable to Dave Manion, or cash) at the first lesson of the month for that lesson, plus the remaining lessons in the month.

3. In case of cancellations, 48 hours notice is required to avoid being charged for that lesson. I do give ONE free "get out of jail free" card per student, where I scold you and make you feel shame for missing, yet do not charge you.

4. If you have to miss a lesson, I will do my best to find a different time that week to fit you in, but if a time cannot be found, and you haven't given me 48 hours notice, you will be required to pay for the lesson.